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Ke Ala Kahawai o Waimea

The Streamside Trail of Waimea

Since 1994, community members have been creating an accessible, non-vehicular pathway between residences, businesses, and schools.

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Ke Ala Kahawai o Waimea follows the Waikoloa stream through Waimea town for 1.04 miles. The Waimea trail is shaded, level and kid-friendly. You’ll find dog walkers, joggers and off-road bicyclists enjoing the stream side trail.

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Diverse opportunities are available across the entire Trail, from building and maintenance to outreach work to volunteer photography. If you want to get involved in improving the Trail and its community, we've got options for you.

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The Waimea Streamside Trail is here and accessible because of the generosity of our many dedicated supporters. Together, we build, maintain, and protect the Trail. Give a donation today!

A Pedestrian Corridor for Waimea

This project addresses the transportation infrastructure required to facilitate the town’s growing community. It connects nature parks, schools, cultural centers, and local businesses. It improves connectivity and safety. This form of infrastructure greatly enhances the safety of motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. It expands transit services and provides convenient connections within Waimea.

Rich in history

The history and legends surrounding this trail date back to prehistoric Hawaiian history, when Waimea (Kamuela) was home to the Ki'pu'upu'u warriors.

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